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Reminiscent…. is the Scent of You

Reminiscent…. is the Scent of You Reminiscent, it ain’t me and it ain’t you Reminiscent is it me missing you Reminiscent of a sky holding hope for you Reminiscent of a space my heart held on for you Reminiscent walking holding your hand Reminiscent Locked up tied down, she drowns in a swamp filled with […]

Dead of the night

Day dreams are my daymares like nightmares circulating my mind in the light of day… it’s been days now, why now what’s up now?! ‘Your’ love slips me over pulls me under, slipping me under, got me fighting the pull, don’t let this one slip, don’t let me go back, under you. My skin crawls […]


In my head now I hear a voice say, don’t stop now In my heart now I hear my self say don’t stop now The quiet of the mind drowns out the sounds of were other peoples voices once sound, the quieter they become the louder I am able to be For it isn’t just […]

Self-care Tips for Everyday Life After Narcissistic Abuse

Sharing my Personal Practice & Journey of Self-care In the initial stages of recovery from narcissistic abuse I remember a question I posed to myself was…. How do I get back to functioning and living in everyday life now I am physically free from abuse and my abuser? This may seem simple and even counterintuitive […]


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Hi, I’m Evie. I am an aspiring poet and writer. I have recently begun writing affirmations and quotes publishing via social media as a way to encourage and inspire myself and others. I have always been pretty fond of words, and know from my own experience just how powerful and lasting words can be on our hearts and minds. I spend most of my free time doing things that don’t involve being busy, like lying in the sun having catnaps with my delightful little kitty Purr ❤︎ Dita, reading listening to music or inspiring stories of people who have done extraordinary things. When I’m not making an art of not being busy I’m working as an administrator for a finance company. This blog was created as a heartfelt way for me to heal and indulge in my love for words, while sharing and cultivating positive self love practices, in the hope to bestow upon you my gift of compassion and kindness while healing parts of myself.

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