Predator Pretending

Don’t ask questions and I will give you no lies

Pretending sets the wheels in time pretending I was more

Predator pretending


Lookout who keeps score

Loving me less than loving you more

Loving pretending fake love, who’s keeping score


I’m not remembering


I’m remembering

The shame

I’m remembering


The feelings you made my heart portray

Too hard to keep going

Too hard not to stay

Let’s keep pretending our hearts away

Sooner than better

Sooner than not

We get pretending our hearts get lost

My wholeness was lost my hearts best was no more

Lets not keep pretending

Till my hearts on the floor

My heart was no longer

My heart still it weeps

My heart forgives

You, forgiving you now

Letting go

Letting go of you now letting go of what never was

Letting go of you now letting go of the resounding sound

Letting go of you now letting go of you

Words By Evelyn Wayde ©